How effective are celebrities as brand ambassadors?

Using the influence of celebrity as a marketing tool has been around since the 1930s when famous athletes and personalities promoted products that ultimately broke sales records and delivered a generous return on investment.

Today, the same marketing strategy of utilizing the benefits of celebrities as brand ambassadors is rather more challenging and one move can either attract customers to your products or can spell an advertising disaster.



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Choose wisely

One crucial step is in choosing a celebrity endorser for a company’s brand. This decision does not only mean selecting a famous face to promote their products; it also means choosing a person whose lifestyle and personality embody the promises of their brands.


Statistics don’t lie

In a recent study based on hundreds of marketing contracts involving celebrities, a 20% increase on sales for some brands have been observed right after starting an endorsement deal.  A similar study also revealed a 0.25% rise in the companies’ stocks on the day of a celebrity contract announcement, according to Anita Elberse, associate professor at Harvard Business School.


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Stand out

The era of social media and online marketing has provided companies with opportunity to reach millions of audience and potential consumers. However, this unrestricted connectivity also opened a strong and unpredictable competition among businesses. This is where celebrity endorsements matter the most.


Authenticity is the key

A celebrity endorser talking about your brand on their social media pages gives your product not only exposure but credibility. However, this is only effective if the personality is genuinely connected to the brand.


Undeniably, companies realize the risks of celebrity brand endorsements but the results have been continuously outweighing the risks.