Most influential First Ladies in the world

Behind every successful nation’s leader is a strong and determined First Lady – and many of these great women have broken the stereotypes by actively working in the frontlines, promoting charitable and social causes while their husband ran the country.

Times have changed in that instead of just working in the background, the world’s most influential First Ladies have made their own history and changed the nation with their passion and dedication. Let’s meet some of these memorable women below:

  1. Eleanor Roosevelt
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Eleanor Roosevelt is known as the most important First Lady in American history. Unlike any other first lady, she spent her time travelling and making public appearances: labor meetings, speeches against sexism and racism, and even press conferences on human rights for women and children.

She’s a pioneer in her own right, transforming and redefining the role of the First Lady and her husband’s death did not stop her from continuing her cause.

President Harry Truman, believing in her passion, appointed her to be America’s delegate to the UN Assembly – wherein she later on became the chair to the organization’s Human Rights Commission.

  1. Maria Eva Perón
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Argentina’s beloved former First Lady was often referred to as “Evita” especially during her rise in the international pop culture scene with the musical Evita in 1976. Evita won her husband’s victory during the 1946 presidential bid through her powerful and often strong populist rhetoric during her weekly radio shows, addressing the poor to support and vote for Juan Perón.

She was the first woman in the country’s history to participate and appear on a public campaigns trail and although it had offended many powerful people, the citizens boldly showed their love and support for the future First Lady.

  1. Queen Rania of Jordan
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Although the country of Jordan is technically a unitary state (under its constitutional monarchy), for the purpose of this list we have included Queen Rania, the queen consort of Jordan, for her exemplary contributions to her nation, championing women rights, promoting peace and helping the nation recover from the most tragic refugee crisis in the country’s history.