Buying the right things: Living the yuppie life

Yuppies are young professionals who are usually doing well career-wise. They have a high-paying job and usually at the forefront of a fashionable lifestyle. Considering their age, they have more time on their hands as compared to their older counterparts. They have money to burn, so why not spend it? Yuppies often spend their hard earned cash on things which will give them convenience, excitement, efficiency, and above all, fun.

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One of the most popular things that yuppies spend their money on is coffee. To be more specific, those that they purchase from expensive coffee shops and cafes. They like to lounge and loiter in those locations after a long and stressful day at the office. As a matter of fact, it can be considered as one of the defining characteristics of the new generation.

Yuppies usually live a fast-paced lifestyle, meaning that cooking meals at home is already a luxury instead of a need. So the next best alternative? Fast food. Whenever they get hungry while rushing to work, all they need to do is to take a turn at a corner where a fast food restaurant will be waiting for them ready to satiate their gurgling stomachs.


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No matter what the profession, work can become grueling. Mountains of paperwork and thousands of forms to process will tire anyone out, even the young ones. So to celebrate the end of the day, yuppies will usually spend money for alcohol in bars or nightclubs and party the night away. All they have to worry about now is the possibility of a hangover greeting them in the morning. For those who do not drink and are not necessarily party lover, traveling to thrilling places (whether mainstream or off-the-beaten-track) is an equally compelling option.

Of course, not all these characterize yuppies. There are also a small segment in this demographic that actually put equal importance between having fun and ‘having funds.’ Young professionals of today already have the access to critical information related to smart money management, investing, and even insurance. There is a growing number of millennials opening stocks- or bonds-linked savings accounts, such as mutual funds, VULs, or direct investments through brokerage firms and asset management companies.  This generation of money-smart individuals prioritize both their present needs or desires and future goals.